What’s the hunt about?

We’re just two coffee geeks who will go a long way for a great cup of coffee or awesome coffee beans.  When we read the Eater Dallas list of the top 14 coffee shops in the DFW Metroplex we decided we needed to visit each one and see for ourselves.  And we decided to let you join our adventures through this blog.

Primarily this blog will record our trips to the top 14 shops (and even reviews of other coffee shops that didn’t make the list but maybe need to!) but we’ll also blog about coffee beans and brewing techniques at home.  If we can’t get to a great coffee shop we still want great coffee!

Who are the DFW Coffee Hunters?  

18882_1649740855249316_2703883886614863227_nStewart Coffman

Husband, father, camp counselor, ER doctor and more …  you can find Stewart at home on a soccer field cheering on his daughter, chasing pheasants in Kansas or sitting on his back porch sipping coffee on a quiet morning.

20150424_131833Mark Roberts

Preacher, wearer of bowties on Wednesday, aficionado of all things Tigger … you can find Mark drawing a bow on a whitetail deer, reading anything C.S. Lewis has written, or watching his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.  Currently rocking an AeroPress for coffee at home he too seeks the perfect cup of coffee.


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