We’re Back! And Euless gets a craft coffee shop…

So it’s been a little while since the Coffee Hunters posted here.  And some of you have noticed that!  Well, a thousand apologies.  We started with a bang and then life kind of got in the way.   We meant well, and we’ve definitely still been pursuing great coffee.  We just didn’t always turn that into a post here.

But enough of that.  We’re back and we’re starting with a new coffee shop in Euless.  That’s right.  The Mid-Cities finally has a craft coffee shop!

When you head out to visit a new coffee shop you’ve heard good things about you know what you’ll find when you arrive.  An older brick building with a ton of history.  Quaint downtown setting.  A hipster feel with matching artwork and cool little table and chairs.

And gas pumps.

Wait… what!?  Gas pumps?  A recent Eater Dallas article popped up in my feed and said there was a new coffee shop in Euless that is one of the 19 best in the DFW Metroplex.  Since Euless is quite near home base, and Euless and Bedford are devoid of a real coffee shop (no, the green mermaid place doesn’t count) I was anxious to give Society Coffee a shot.

Fed the address into my phone and it led me right to a … a convenience store.  Society Coffee is located in an Exxon gas station on Main Street, a few blocks north of 183.  This was not a promising start.  Yes, you can buy a frozen burrito and thaw it in the industrial strength microwave at a gas station, or grab a Gatorade and a quart of 10w-30 to go, but a latte?  A real latte, not one made from one of those ridiculous auto machines that makes pretend foam like they have at QT?  

Oh, the life of a coffee hunter.  What have I got into for you, dear readers?

I stepped inside to find a three head Rancilio espresso machine gleaming and ready.  The signs promised beans from Avoca (a very good start).  There was cool neon and a bearded barista.  When I asked him what was the best thing he made he said “A latte, that’s what we do best.”  That too is a good start.  If a barista wants you to drink something heavily flavored with syrup this or whipped cream that then it may be that he isn’t making very good or very real coffee.File Jul 01, 12 31 41 PM.jpeg

A moment later I was on my way with a latte, complete with latte art on the top.  I was on my way because this is a working convenience store and there are no tables or chairs where you can sit, talk, and sip coffee. File Jul 01, 12 32 23 PM.jpeg There are some very small tables outside but I decided I would just hit the road.

So what’s the verdict?  First, the latte.  I forgot to note what beans Society was using but the latte had a nice fruity taste to it.  Lots of people are used to coffee being heavily roasted and dark, giving a correspondingly dark (if not bitter) flavor.  But if you use a light roast, particularly from Ethiopia, you can get a marvelous subtle fruit flavor that shades much more toward tea than it does road tar.  To keep that going and not let it get lost in a latte is a feat.  It was easily one of the most interesting lattes I’ve had.   Not the usual, to say the least.File Jul 01, 12 33 00 PM.jpeg

That probably holds as the verdict for all of Society Coffee.  A serious coffee shop in a convenience store?   Not the usual!  I’m glad they are trying it but I must admit some reservations.  No tables is a big drawback.  Hanging out and visiting is a part of the coffee experience for many people today.  Yes, there are tables outside but they are teeny-tiny, seat only two, and you’d have the joy of being only a few feet away from cars driving in and out and being gassed up.  Not sure I want a side order of unleaded fumes with my cappuccino!

But I’d urge readers to give them a try.  It’s a game effort and the equipment and coffee beans being used make it worth that try.  Maybe the ambiance isn’t the best but do you want atmosphere or good coffee?

The next time I’m in the need for a coffee fix and I’m in the middle of Euless and Bedford thinking Starbucks is my only option, I may head over to Society Coffee.  Especially if the gas gauge on the car is on E!

Society Coffee

600 N Main St, Euless, TX 76039


HOURS: 6:00am TO 8pm


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