Coffee class at Davis Street Espresso!

Here at DFW Coffee Hunters we are all about testing and trying new coffee shops as we continue to work down The List. But we also want to plug you, the reader, into various happenings in the coffee world around Dallas-Fort Worth.

So with that thought in mind the Coffee Hunters enrolled in Oak Cliff Coffee Roaster’s Summer School class “Brew Anywhere.” Taught as part of Davis Street Espresso, one of our favorite coffee shops, you might think going to summer school would be a bummer.  However, this class was excellent, informative and fun. Taught by one of OCCR’s baristas, MiMo, we learned more about coffee and brewing technique in 90 minutes then seemed possible!20150711_111241

MiMo helped us to understand the interplay between the four building blocks of extraction: temperature, grind, dose (the ratio of coffee to water), and time. We also talked about secondary factors in extraction, like how even the grounds are in the brewing chamber or device, saturation, and turbulence (stirring).  All of this is designed to give a good extraction. That is measured in four ways – acidity, sweetness, mouthfeel, and finish. What are we looking for?  MiMo reminded us that good brewing will not produce coffee that is sour or bitter.

20150711_111442Then, after lots of discussion about coffee brewing, MiMo brewed some coffee. He used a Sowden Sofbrew, a Chemex, and an AeroPress. What was fascinating was that using the same kind of coffee three very different tasting cups of coffee were made. Frankly, I was pretty surprised at the differences. Different brew methods do make a difference!  The class concluded with some ideas about how to brew great coffee at Grandma’s (when all she has is an old Mr. Coffee), on a plane (bring a traveling French Press tumbler), in a hotel, and even when camping.

All in all it was a highly instructive class. I’m using what I learned every day as I pursue the perfect cup of coffee out of my AeroPress. As a bonus we all went home with a half pound of fresh roasted Kenyan coffee!20150711_105357

If you are interested in expanding your base of coffee knowledge and know-how think about heading over to OCC’s Summer School.   This Saturday’s class will be “From Seed to Cup” and will cover exactly what its title promises.  Go here to enroll and enjoy going to Summer School!


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